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The Year of Gwendolyn Presley Flowers

10/23/17 Update: I am a little over 50k into my second novel, The Year of Gwendolyn Presley Flowers. I’ve had people tell me that writing the second is harder, but I personally find it an exciting time. I’ve learned what pitfalls to avoid and how to sit with the words until I am completely satisfied.

The story is inspired by this wonderful quote:

“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond”

~ Gwendolyn Brooks

Meet two unlikely traveling companions stepping away from the lives everyone expects them to live. One raised to be a role model for her gender and her race; the other looking for a meaning of life outside his cosmopolitan cubicle.

Oliver Cross is a 25-year-old tech support agent whose job was just outsourced overseas. Instead of looking for another position, he decides to travel across the country, getting by on odd jobs and forgoing all social media connections while creating the path to his dream of becoming a chef. His trip is interrupted by…

Gwendolyn Presley Flowers, a 22-year-old cello player whose lifelong dream of joining the Boston Orchestra crashed with an audition distracted by her decision to drop out of her last semester of college and the heartbreaking choice to give her baby up for adoption. She’s hidden all three of these disappointments from her over-achieving family, and when she meets Oliver, she’ll make a decision that will change both of their lives forever.

Their random encounter turns Oliver’s solo adventure into a collective discovery for the two millennials, whose successes and disappointments play out against a dueling national landscape of intolerance and compassion.


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