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The Salt Life

In the process of moving from one coast of Florida to the other, as well as traveling to visit my mother who has just moved into an assisted living facility, I have neglected my I'm here today to make that right. Hopefully I'll be settled in 100% over on the Atlantic coast within a… Continue reading The Salt Life


Crossing the Arc

Wanting something other than what we have - it's such a human flaw. My daughter has straight hair and wants curly; a co-worker of mine has naturally curly hair and spends hours ironing it straight most mornings. We're all guilty of it one way or another - I just didn't expect it to invade my writing… Continue reading Crossing the Arc

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The Vault #2: First Impressions ~ Getting their Attention

So we all know it's important to start your story with a bang, right? Grab your readers (or prospective agents/publishers) quick...I mean really quick! The first sentence, the first page, the first chapter - writers pour blood, sweat and tears into getting this right. And since I'm still in the early chapters of my novel,… Continue reading The Vault #2: First Impressions ~ Getting their Attention

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The Vault #1: Show, Don’t Tell

As a writer, it's important for me to know my strengths and weaknesses. Studying journalism and writing for a newspaper certainly gave me a great writing foundation, but in no way prepared me for the hard work of writing fiction. Having really started to study the craft, I love this learning curve - it allows… Continue reading The Vault #1: Show, Don’t Tell