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Writing short to write long…

You know the feeling you get when you learn how to do something you've tried to master since you were a kid? I have these files in my room - manila folders full of yellowed notebook paper, stories I'd written as a teenager. Short stories that I started, but never successfully finished. Oh, I finished… Continue reading Writing short to write long…

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The Waiting Game

It's been three weeks since I sent out my first five agent queries for Oldsters. After hitting send on those emails, I've put that process out of my mind for now. I left Eddie and his friends at the end of the story and hope that my first attempt at a query letter will garnish some kind… Continue reading The Waiting Game

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Scene-Building: Endings

So you've written a thoughtful and interesting beginning for the scene, and you've built tension in the middle, using obstacles and it's time to wind your scene down. Time to leave a breadcrumb that your readers will want to pick up, digest and follow the trail to the rest of your story! I've read many… Continue reading Scene-Building: Endings

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Scene-Building: Middles

Last time, we talked about the different choices in constructing scene beginnings. Today is all about the middle. This is the meat of the scene - we have to carry through on the promise we made at the beginning, and start building the tension that will carry the story forward. The middle of a scene is… Continue reading Scene-Building: Middles

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Scene-Building: Beginnings

Scenes are the core building blocks of my fiction writing style. I don't think in chapters at all anymore, except as a big-picture timeline of the story. It is the individual scene where I can meet my characters head on and discover what they have to say at any given time during the tale. Don't… Continue reading Scene-Building: Beginnings

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What’s on your ‘Project Notes’ list?

If you're a regular reader, you know that the rule I break most often during the writing process is editing while I go. I've always been a rule breaker, accepted & moved on. With that said, I still have to maintain a list of things I'll want to go back and either make sure I… Continue reading What’s on your ‘Project Notes’ list?

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The Vault #2: First Impressions ~ Getting their Attention

So we all know it's important to start your story with a bang, right? Grab your readers (or prospective agents/publishers) quick...I mean really quick! The first sentence, the first page, the first chapter - writers pour blood, sweat and tears into getting this right. And since I'm still in the early chapters of my novel,… Continue reading The Vault #2: First Impressions ~ Getting their Attention