Official Book Cover Unveiling!

I'm excited today to unveil my cover for Oldsters! Wow - what a feeling it is to see this book through to completion. I can't wait for everyone to head down Route 66 with Eddie and his friends...and I invite you to watch out for the official upcoming book release date.

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Doing the Leg Work

Speaking of her writing process, author Jacquelyn Mitchard said, “I do a great deal of research. I don’t want anyone to say, ‘That could not have happened.’” I imagine most writers feel this way, but it’s not just about having your facts straight. One of the great things about writing a novel is putting your characters… Continue reading Doing the Leg Work

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What’s on your ‘Project Notes’ list?

If you're a regular reader, you know that the rule I break most often during the writing process is editing while I go. I've always been a rule breaker, accepted & moved on. With that said, I still have to maintain a list of things I'll want to go back and either make sure I… Continue reading What’s on your ‘Project Notes’ list?

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Secondary & Minor Characters

Think about how boring a story would be if there were only 'main' characters. No matter how well-written they may be, our stars of the show need a cast of supporting characters to round out a successful novel. Often times, these players can be one reason a story is so memorable, so as writers, we need… Continue reading Secondary & Minor Characters


Location! Location! Location!

Just like with character development, I often like to use a real-life visual to remind me of small details I might not think of when it comes to locations. Depending on the story, location will play a different level of importance, and in my novel Oldsters, location does play a strong role - mostly because… Continue reading Location! Location! Location!

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“Oldsters”: An Update

Still working on the first draft of my novel, Oldsters. I'm at chapter eight, and while I'm not pleased with the speed of my progress, I am pleased at the way the story is going. (If you're interested, click the Oldsters link at the top to read a summary). My approach has been to create it… Continue reading “Oldsters”: An Update


…sum it up

"What's your book about?" "What inspired you to write about (insert topic)?" Those are the common questions anyone who is writing a book gets. I'll take the second one first. I've always been fascinated with the elderly. Just looking at my own parents, I would think about the stories they must have. You can go… Continue reading …sum it up