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Doing the Leg Work

Speaking of her writing process, author Jacquelyn Mitchard said, “I do a great deal of research. I don’t want anyone to say, ‘That could not have happened.’” I imagine most writers feel this way, but it’s not just about having your facts straight. One of the great things about writing a novel is putting your characters… Continue reading Doing the Leg Work

Character Development, Oldsters

“Oldsters”: An Update

Still working on the first draft of my novel, Oldsters. I'm at chapter eight, and while I'm not pleased with the speed of my progress, I am pleased at the way the story is going. (If you're interested, click the Oldsters link at the top to read a summary). My approach has been to create it… Continue reading “Oldsters”: An Update


…sum it up

"What's your book about?" "What inspired you to write about (insert topic)?" Those are the common questions anyone who is writing a book gets. I'll take the second one first. I've always been fascinated with the elderly. Just looking at my own parents, I would think about the stories they must have. You can go… Continue reading …sum it up


…oldsters: chapter 2

When last we left, Eddie seemed to be intrigued by Lila's move into the Avalon Independent Living facility, while Lila is dispirited at her current situation. Below is Chapter 2, which provides a bit of early background on her. While Eddie and Lila share the position of protagonist in Oldsters, I am excited to start introducing the… Continue reading …oldsters: chapter 2


…knock on wood

You know how every once in a great while...after weeks or months of  L I F E just getting in the way, you look around and realize that right now, in this particular moment - things are good? Don't worry, I'm knocking on a teak wood table as I write that (I am not superstitious, but… Continue reading …knock on wood