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A Spark Ignites: A New Novel & Finding My Writer’s Voice

I stumbled upon my writer's voice this week. You may assume that if one is a writer, then they must certainly know what their voice is. That couldn't be further from the truth. Even after finishing my first novel, I couldn't have told you what my voice was as a writer. What is a writer's voice?… Continue reading A Spark Ignites: A New Novel & Finding My Writer’s Voice

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The Right Side of Things

Just an update on all things in my world of words... What I'm reading: I continue to alternate going down the list of Pulitzer Prize winners and something from my Goodreads list. I just finished The Keepers of the House, which won in 1965. Currently I'm reading Someone, by Alice McDermott. What I'm Writing: In regards… Continue reading The Right Side of Things

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Handling Multiple Story Arcs

I just finished editing the first draft of my novel Oldsters, and one of the toughest things was making sure I navigated between my five main characters successfully. When I started writing the book, I considered making two of the characters equal protagonists. Over time, however, the story unfolded in such a way that helped… Continue reading Handling Multiple Story Arcs

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Scene-Building: Endings

So you've written a thoughtful and interesting beginning for the scene, and you've built tension in the middle, using obstacles and it's time to wind your scene down. Time to leave a breadcrumb that your readers will want to pick up, digest and follow the trail to the rest of your story! I've read many… Continue reading Scene-Building: Endings

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Scene-Building: Beginnings

Scenes are the core building blocks of my fiction writing style. I don't think in chapters at all anymore, except as a big-picture timeline of the story. It is the individual scene where I can meet my characters head on and discover what they have to say at any given time during the tale. Don't… Continue reading Scene-Building: Beginnings

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3 Reasons to Introduce Characters SLOWLY

When I read a new book, the last thing I want is to be immediately bombarded with character description and back story. I think this is because it mirrors how I like to get to know people in real life - slowly. I'm turned off, almost distrustful, when I meet someone new who wants to share… Continue reading 3 Reasons to Introduce Characters SLOWLY

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Writing about Writers

Have you ever noticed how many novels feature writers as their protagonist? Maybe it's because people believe they're supposed to write about what they know. Whatever the reason, I decided to make a short list and see what thoughts spew forth! Little Women (Louisa May Alcott) Misery (Stephen King) Breakfast at Tiffany's (Truman Capote) The… Continue reading Writing about Writers