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219 Words. Friday Morning.

Friday morning. Your move. I know, it may be too much like a science for you. You’re an artist. You act off the cuff; live off the grid. Watch them. Deliberate moves; demanding reflection, patience. If I make this move, what move will you make? Is it a safe move? Will it give me the… Continue reading 219 Words. Friday Morning.

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Time for a flash prompt..

It's been a while since I did a writing prompt. Normally, I use my own photography on these, but I ran across this today, and it touched something in me that I thought deserved to be examined. So, take a few minutes away from your project at hand, and write 500 words or less using this as… Continue reading Time for a flash prompt..

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Please, do not suffer for your art…

I recently found an old spiral notebook from 2005 that I titled “Angry Poetry” on the bright yellow cover. After going through it, I ended up posting three of the writings on some of my social media accounts. My poetry has always been amateurish at best; always in rhyme and always written when life wasn’t… Continue reading Please, do not suffer for your art…

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A Spark Ignites: A New Novel & Finding My Writer’s Voice

I stumbled upon my writer's voice this week. You may assume that if one is a writer, then they must certainly know what their voice is. That couldn't be further from the truth. Even after finishing my first novel, I couldn't have told you what my voice was as a writer. What is a writer's voice?… Continue reading A Spark Ignites: A New Novel & Finding My Writer’s Voice

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Eating Your Words thru Chance Operation

There was a poet. As a regular exercise, he would lock himself in his house and play Pink Floyd's The Wall non-stop for two days. During this time, he would sit and jot down random words that came to mind. When the time was up, he would take the pieces of paper and cut them up so… Continue reading Eating Your Words thru Chance Operation

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Forms & Fog

Yesterday was the first time I filled out any type of form or application and wrote 'writer' in the space marked occupation. Having been laid off a couple of weeks ago, and actually finishing my last day this past Friday, I am released from calling myself a manager, a supervisor or any other term that… Continue reading Forms & Fog