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stretch, yawn, open eyes

My holiday break from online activity extended into quite a long one; a much needed one. But I've returned, and look forward to reading and writing content that gives us all a brief respite from the things we'd rather ignore for the moment. I spent the time reading and writing, and a bit of Netflix binging. So all… Continue reading stretch, yawn, open eyes

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Flash Fiction Photo Prompt

I love using my photography for writing prompts...the way it allows me to merge the two creative paths. You don't have to be an expert photographer, and I promise it will help you get over even the toughest writer's block. You never know who's going to appear on your page!  My first novel, Oldsters, was born… Continue reading Flash Fiction Photo Prompt

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Writing Prompt: Every Picture Tells a Story

It's been a while since I've done a writing prompt, so I dug this photo out of my archives. I took it about eight months ago in downtown Eau Gallie's arts district. I've put the photo here full size, so you may click on it if you want more detail. I'll post my short story… Continue reading Writing Prompt: Every Picture Tells a Story

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Frankenstein Takes Flight

From a distance she could only tell that she needed to slow down to figure out what it was. She pulled over on the side of the dusty two-lane road and stared out her driver’s side window. After looking up and down in both directions, she got out of the car and sat on the… Continue reading Frankenstein Takes Flight

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Photo Prompt: In the Eye of the Beholder

Photography has always been one of the only pastimes that keeps me in the moment.  Most activities, including writing, allow me too much time for self-reflection, which I've been known to drown in at times. When I go out to take photos, I stay present by observing the world around me. Everything that may have… Continue reading Photo Prompt: In the Eye of the Beholder

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Settled in…flash fiction prompt

Boo! I have finally moved and gotten settled in to my new location on Florida's beautiful east coast. Although I haven't had time to venture out too much, the main difference I've found between here and my west coast home of St. Petersburg is the small-town pace that I find a beautiful turn of events!… Continue reading Settled in…flash fiction prompt

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Lest I forget…

I do have to jump back in here and at least give myself credit for updating my blog with my new pages: Business Writing, Graphic Design and Contact Me. and... Check out my new photography link over on the right of this blog - I've set up a new Tumblr photo blog that I'm updating… Continue reading Lest I forget…