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Back at it…

I felt a sort of jet lag upon returning home from a week away during Hurricane Irma. It’s taken me several days to want to do anything with my writing. Luckily, I have a great writing and critique partner (check her out here) who cares enough to keep up our correspondence, which in turn keeps me accountable!… Continue reading Back at it…

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Flash Fiction Photo Prompt

I love using my photography for writing prompts...the way it allows me to merge the two creative paths. You don't have to be an expert photographer, and I promise it will help you get over even the toughest writer's block. You never know who's going to appear on your page!  My first novel, Oldsters, was born… Continue reading Flash Fiction Photo Prompt

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Reader’s Mail

Recently a reader asked me why I chose to write about a group of characters who are more than twenty years older than myself in my novel, Oldsters? “What convinced you to write the story of these elderly characters, and how did you get into the mindset of Eddie, Nick, Lila, Bette and Ray?” At… Continue reading Reader’s Mail

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Writing short to write long…

You know the feeling you get when you learn how to do something you've tried to master since you were a kid? I have these files in my room - manila folders full of yellowed notebook paper, stories I'd written as a teenager. Short stories that I started, but never successfully finished. Oh, I finished… Continue reading Writing short to write long…


A Note for Posterity

Just a quick note to try to capture for posterity how I'm feeling about publishing my first novel - wait what?  YES, Oldsters is finally available in paperback and for the Kindle - CHECK IT OUT HERE! And for those of you following me on Twitter at @iamvickiroberts, I apologize for the duplicate self-promotion :). Okay,… Continue reading A Note for Posterity


Official Book Cover Unveiling!

I'm excited today to unveil my cover for Oldsters! Wow - what a feeling it is to see this book through to completion. I can't wait for everyone to head down Route 66 with Eddie and his friends...and I invite you to watch out for the official upcoming book release date.

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What I’m left with turns out to be good enough

The great thing about life is you can change course when it feels necessary. Oh, maybe not the big things - like you hate where you live, but you don't have the money saved to move out West, but other things that you do have control over any given day. "I can accept failure. Everyone… Continue reading What I’m left with turns out to be good enough