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Joining a Book Club

a n x i e t y I recently joined a local book club, and while I'm looking forward to the first meeting in a few weeks, I have a bit of anxiety, wondering if being a writer is going to make it more difficult to fit in with the group. I have moments where… Continue reading Joining a Book Club

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Shout out to Critique Groups…

Happy New Year! I can seriously imagine the thousands of people writing their first blog of the year; or maybe even more starting a brand new blog...whether it's to engage current and attract new followers, or simply because like me, they cannot not write. As I sat writing in my journal this morning, of course… Continue reading Shout out to Critique Groups…

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Island Writing

Finally settling into life here on the East Coast of Florida...found a daytime job that lets me concentrate on writing at night and weekends. The only thing missing was people! I'm not someone who needs tons of friends, but I do miss the few people I was close to in St. Pete. In an effort… Continue reading Island Writing

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…success, failure & moving on

As promised, wanted to check in and blog about my writer's group meeting held today. SUCCESS! No, everyone who RSVP'd 'yes' did not show up, but the few people who did were great...a nice cross-section of people at different writing stages and interesting backgrounds. It was great to get out and meet new people - I'm… Continue reading …success, failure & moving on

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…playing solitaire

Recently I started a new Meetup group...St. Petersburg Loves Writing (don't judge the name, it's the best I could do that late at night). We have our first group meetup this Saturday, and I'm not afraid to say I'm nervous. Not only because I've never organized a Meetup before, but because my expectations are probably… Continue reading …playing solitaire