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Photo Prompt – “Wasted”

Here's my quick attempt at this week's photo prompt: “Stellar!” I whispered aloud. Even in my less than sober escape two nights ago, I had the forethought to leave my window ajar. Not that I was completely successful in my re-entry; cat sat on the sill, a green-eyed sentry whose meows grew louder the closer… Continue reading Photo Prompt – “Wasted”

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Turn the Page…Summer Crossing by Truman Capote

Today I read two works of Truman Capote: One Christmas and Summer Crossing.  A day worth living. *And if you read my previous post regarding 'details', you'll see I'm not adverse to them at all. A well-turned phrase is a gift and not in the same unfortunate distinction of unnecessarily long-winded prose. Capote is a… Continue reading Turn the Page…Summer Crossing by Truman Capote

Character Development

…looking over your shoulder

In my Welcome post, I let you know that some of my favorite quotes are about the writing life. Today, I want to look at one of those quotes, and see how it affects both the writer and their readers. "The story...must be a conflict, and specifically, a conflict between the forces of good and… Continue reading …looking over your shoulder