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stretch, yawn, open eyes

My holiday break from online activity extended into quite a long one; a much needed one. But I've returned, and look forward to reading and writing content that gives us all a brief respite from the things we'd rather ignore for the moment. I spent the time reading and writing, and a bit of Netflix binging. So all… Continue reading stretch, yawn, open eyes

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Surprisingly, I finished this story much earlier than I thought. I have zero background in Steampunk, so if I've captured even a couple of elements, I'll be happy. I was inspired by a kaleidoscope that sits on my desk at work, and the photo brought to mind a climate of uncertainty. I married the two, and… Continue reading Moirai

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Steampunk Flash Fiction Photo Prompt

As writers, we sometimes limit ourselves by believing we can only write in a certain genre or only write certain types of characters. This week’s prompt is my attempt to offer a way out. I have always loved the idea of steampunk – Apart from the Golden Compass series (I’m hoping those count as Steampunk),… Continue reading Steampunk Flash Fiction Photo Prompt

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Back at it…

I felt a sort of jet lag upon returning home from a week away during Hurricane Irma. It’s taken me several days to want to do anything with my writing. Luckily, I have a great writing and critique partner (check her out here) who cares enough to keep up our correspondence, which in turn keeps me accountable!… Continue reading Back at it…

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Flash Fiction Photo Prompt

I love using my photography for writing prompts...the way it allows me to merge the two creative paths. You don't have to be an expert photographer, and I promise it will help you get over even the toughest writer's block. You never know who's going to appear on your page!  My first novel, Oldsters, was born… Continue reading Flash Fiction Photo Prompt

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Time for a flash prompt..

It's been a while since I did a writing prompt. Normally, I use my own photography on these, but I ran across this today, and it touched something in me that I thought deserved to be examined. So, take a few minutes away from your project at hand, and write 500 words or less using this as… Continue reading Time for a flash prompt..

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Fitzgerald Resurrected

I just finished reading the newly published collection of lost stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and it brought back my decades-old teenage obsession with Scott and Zelda. My younger self was taken with the tragic progression of Zelda's life, but in this book, I found a new respect for Fitzgerald as a writer and a… Continue reading Fitzgerald Resurrected