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Sleeping Among the Sea Grapes

In my move this week (amazing how less expensive it is to live riverside rather than beachside), I ran across a book that reminded me that being a writer is solely about having something to say - no matter what the subject, and no matter who you are. About a year ago, I was at… Continue reading Sleeping Among the Sea Grapes

The Writing Life

What is it about the second time around that brings forth so much trepidation? Musicians are often times most harshly judged by their sophomore album, and the same goes for writers. It's almost as if we're always willing to accept one lucky success by someone for their creative endeavors...but if you're really going to put… Continue reading

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Scene-Building: Beginnings

Scenes are the core building blocks of my fiction writing style. I don't think in chapters at all anymore, except as a big-picture timeline of the story. It is the individual scene where I can meet my characters head on and discover what they have to say at any given time during the tale. Don't… Continue reading Scene-Building: Beginnings

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2009 Pulitzer Prize Winner: Simplicity @ its Best!

Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout My rating: 5 of 5 stars As a writer, the most sought-after praise I would want is for my work to be called 'clever' - and Olive Kitteridge is exactly that - CLEVER! A collection of short stories that looks no further than in the windows (sometimes pulling aside the… Continue reading 2009 Pulitzer Prize Winner: Simplicity @ its Best!


Call Me An Author!

  I did it...I just finished my first novel, Oldsters. First draft came in at just under 122k, and I can't think of a better way to have celebrated Independence Day! THIS IS HOW IT FEELS! I cannot even think about constructing a worthy post right now - I just had to get this out… Continue reading Call Me An Author!

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Joining a Book Club

a n x i e t y I recently joined a local book club, and while I'm looking forward to the first meeting in a few weeks, I have a bit of anxiety, wondering if being a writer is going to make it more difficult to fit in with the group. I have moments where… Continue reading Joining a Book Club

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My Journey with Steinbeck Continues…

I've taken a summer lover! After reading East of Eden and the journal he kept while writing Eden, it appears I'm embarking on a summer affair with John Steinbeck. Next up is The Winter of Our Discontent, which is the last novel Steinbeck wrote. Published in 1961, he received the 1962 Nobel Prize in Literature… Continue reading My Journey with Steinbeck Continues…