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stretch, yawn, open eyes

My holiday break from online activity extended into quite a long one; a much needed one. But I've returned, and look forward to reading and writing content that gives us all a brief respite from the things we'd rather ignore for the moment. I spent the time reading and writing, and a bit of Netflix binging. So all… Continue reading stretch, yawn, open eyes

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Fitzgerald Resurrected

I just finished reading the newly published collection of lost stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and it brought back my decades-old teenage obsession with Scott and Zelda. My younger self was taken with the tragic progression of Zelda's life, but in this book, I found a new respect for Fitzgerald as a writer and a… Continue reading Fitzgerald Resurrected

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Happy New Year!

Wishing all the creative friends out there the best year ever...whether you write, paint, sculpt or any of the other limitless number of passions that keep us sane, I hope this year brings you happiness and whatever amount of success you desire. Keep the people in your life that genuinely appreciate and love you, you'll… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Writing Prompt: Every Picture Tells a Story

It's been a while since I've done a writing prompt, so I dug this photo out of my archives. I took it about eight months ago in downtown Eau Gallie's arts district. I've put the photo here full size, so you may click on it if you want more detail. I'll post my short story… Continue reading Writing Prompt: Every Picture Tells a Story

Writing Prompts

Photo Prompt: In the Eye of the Beholder

Photography has always been one of the only pastimes that keeps me in the moment.  Most activities, including writing, allow me too much time for self-reflection, which I've been known to drown in at times. When I go out to take photos, I stay present by observing the world around me. Everything that may have… Continue reading Photo Prompt: In the Eye of the Beholder

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Short & Sweet…

This week I'm really looking for feedback to a question I'm hoping some of you fiction writers may have asked, and now are willing to pass that wisdom down. Beta Readers Do you use? How do you choose? Exactly what kind of feedback do you expect? My initial thoughts are these: I want people who… Continue reading Short & Sweet…


…a new beginning

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Vicki Roberts and I'm happy to embark on this new platform. My previous blog was on another site, and while it was an interesting experiment, I decided to change focus - which has led me here. While many writer's blogs concentrate on ideas and information that is… Continue reading …a new beginning