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Oldsters…the novel

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oldstersfrontcoverThe Reviews Are In!

“…Reveals Much About the Human Condition”

“Following Eddie and his friends as they navigate a new phase of their lives reveals much about the human condition–what it is like to confront loss, what it means to find a new direction and how sometimes we have to let go of who we thought we were, in order to become who we really are. All this is handled during and after an octogenarian road trip, showing we can find truth in the most unlikely of places.”
~ Verified Four-Star Amazon Review

A Must-Read!
“Ms. Roberts book, Oldsters, is a wonderfully complex story that was almost impossible to put down. Her well-written story interweaves the lives and loves of her characters while exploring themes of happiness, fear, sadness and redemption. It is not often that I can be drawn into the world of a story, but…I highly recommend Oldsters! Well done, I look forward to reading more from her!” ~ Verified Five-Star Amazon Review

A Message About Healing, Friendship & Surprise Beginnings!
“Her gift is to see through the eyes of these people well beyond her age, and is amazing and inspiring in its accuracy and clarity…there are as many twists and turns in the story as there are on Route 66 itself.” ~ Verified Five-Star Amazon Review

A First Novel Hit!
“Vicki Roberts’ book Oldsters is truly an awesome book. It is all about Eddie Barnes and his friends at Avalon a retirement community. They need to leave just long enough to get their good friend Ray out to see his grandson in New Mexico to mend their differences…They start out on their adventure via Route 66…The friendship they have is put to a test and secrets that had been long held are opened. In the end, they all find out that age really does not matter to the basic human needs of being betrayed, love, doubt in ones oneself and how to stay relevant in today’s world changes.” ~ Verified Five-Star Amazon Review

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