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Confessions of a Facebook Snob

If you're a writer, hopefully you're someone who feels comfortable being on your own much of the time. No matter what relationships or other tasks you may be engaged in, so much time is spent in your own head, plotting and outlining, there's really no way to be fully present in day-to-day activities. It comes… Continue reading Confessions of a Facebook Snob

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No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, been whisked away into a cult or just sitting around, binge watching every season of Mad Men again. I've been trying to finish my edits on Oldsters in an effort to 1) let my beta reader have a go at it, and 2) leave time… Continue reading

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With so many resources available to writers today, it's easy to lose the opportunity to do what can be one of the most creative aspects when writing a piece of fiction - finding the right word or phrase to get your point across. While I'm all for using a thesaurus when I want to make sure… Continue reading Wordplay

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It’s all in the details…or is it?

Less than 60 pages in, I am about to put We Were The Mulvaneys on my "Got Bored, Maybe Later" Goodreads shelf. Now I know this book is highly regarded, as is Oates herself. And I respect her talent, and her longevity as a writer, very much enjoyed The Falls.  But this crossroads I'm at… Continue reading It’s all in the details…or is it?

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Eating Your Words thru Chance Operation

There was a poet. As a regular exercise, he would lock himself in his house and play Pink Floyd's The Wall non-stop for two days. During this time, he would sit and jot down random words that came to mind. When the time was up, he would take the pieces of paper and cut them up so… Continue reading Eating Your Words thru Chance Operation

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The Vault: Building a Copywriter Portfolio

I've recently started researching the best way to build a copywriting portfolio. While I'm quite busy with my corporate job during the day, writing and being a mom at night, I really want to spend some time trying to build a side career in copywriting. I have years of experience one way or another, whether… Continue reading The Vault: Building a Copywriter Portfolio

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“Perspectives” from this week’s photo prompt

My 10 minute writing practice from the photo prompt this week....Post yours! Perspectives I was tired. So tired. But my driver didn’t care. Couldn’t afford to care. The riders didn’t care. They really didn’t care. My head hung as I plodded down the too familiar rode, and while I was sure we looked spectacular to… Continue reading “Perspectives” from this week’s photo prompt