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Taking a Page from the Past

I've always loved reading about the writers of the past, especially the relationships they had. It seemed that gender and age was of little importance in these bonds. And often times, Gertrude Stein's salon played a major role in introductions. When Stein met Thornton Wilder, she had just returned to America after living in Paris… Continue reading Taking a Page from the Past

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Confessions of a Facebook Snob

If you're a writer, hopefully you're someone who feels comfortable being on your own much of the time. No matter what relationships or other tasks you may be engaged in, so much time is spent in your own head, plotting and outlining, there's really no way to be fully present in day-to-day activities. It comes… Continue reading Confessions of a Facebook Snob

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Flash Fiction: Take Cover

Take Cover is a 250 word story I just wrote for an upcoming writer's group challenge. The only stipulations were to use the word storm and to write no more than 250 words. This is what I came up with. Aaron rounded the corner and saw the woman huddled against the tavern door. Like yesterday, he… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Take Cover

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The Right Side of Things

Just an update on all things in my world of words... What I'm reading: I continue to alternate going down the list of Pulitzer Prize winners and something from my Goodreads list. I just finished The Keepers of the House, which won in 1965. Currently I'm reading Someone, by Alice McDermott. What I'm Writing: In regards… Continue reading The Right Side of Things

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Anthologies Away…

So I've talked my critique group into helping me to create and produce an anthology of sorts. I've always thought about submitting stories to anthologies, but I got the idea that it would be a great project for the group - allowing us some relief from our main projects, and for a few of the… Continue reading Anthologies Away…

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Shout out to Critique Groups…

Happy New Year! I can seriously imagine the thousands of people writing their first blog of the year; or maybe even more starting a brand new blog...whether it's to engage current and attract new followers, or simply because like me, they cannot not write. As I sat writing in my journal this morning, of course… Continue reading Shout out to Critique Groups…

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Island Writing

Finally settling into life here on the East Coast of Florida...found a daytime job that lets me concentrate on writing at night and weekends. The only thing missing was people! I'm not someone who needs tons of friends, but I do miss the few people I was close to in St. Pete. In an effort… Continue reading Island Writing