What It Really Means to Write from Experience

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Please, do not suffer for your art…

I recently found an old spiral notebook from 2005 that I titled “Angry Poetry” on the bright yellow cover. After going through it, I ended up posting three of the writings on some of my social media accounts. My poetry has always been amateurish at best; always in rhyme and always written when life wasn’t… Continue reading Please, do not suffer for your art…

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Planner or Pantser?

Depends on the medium. I will always be a planner when it comes to my novels, and unfortunately I have no wiggle room in this belief. I usually hate when people can't see both sides of something, but this is one topic on which I can't see myself budging. Be assured, it comes from a good place! First… Continue reading Planner or Pantser?


Shout out to the Scribblers!

I have to give a shout out to my new writing group, Scribblers of Brevard, for their kind welcome. I officially joined this group recently after visiting just a couple of times, and today I participated in my first reading. They listened as I read my synopsis for Oldsters that I've been sending out - I… Continue reading Shout out to the Scribblers!

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The Waiting Game

It's been three weeks since I sent out my first five agent queries for Oldsters. After hitting send on those emails, I've put that process out of my mind for now. I left Eddie and his friends at the end of the story and hope that my first attempt at a query letter will garnish some kind… Continue reading The Waiting Game

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Shout out to Critique Groups…

Happy New Year! I can seriously imagine the thousands of people writing their first blog of the year; or maybe even more starting a brand new blog...whether it's to engage current and attract new followers, or simply because like me, they cannot not write. As I sat writing in my journal this morning, of course… Continue reading Shout out to Critique Groups…