I scribbled several short stories in high school, but my professional career began as a journalist in college, and then later for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Some of my early interviews included such notables as former Texas governor Ann Richards; U.S. Rep. Dick Armey; Ron Paul during his first run for President in 1988 and Mpho Tutu, daughter of South African social activist Desmond Tutu.

My short stories have been published in various literary magazines and anthologies, and my first novel, Oldsters, was published in 2017.

Writers must read.
Getting my first library card is a favorite childhood memory. I always left with a stack of six books – the maximum allowed. To this day, whenever I move to a new city, visiting the local library for a new card is one of the first things I do.

There are so many authors who I love to read and who inspire me to write. From Richard Yates to Joyce Carol Oates, Collette to William Styron and Jeffrey Eugenides. Elizabeth Strout, Anne Tyler, Elena Ferrante and so many others.

“They are all masters; elevating stories of everyday domestic life. Rummaging through complicated and often unsettling family relationships to deliver works of art to their readers.”