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stretch, yawn, open eyes

My holiday break from online activity extended into quite a long one; a much needed one. But I’ve returned, and look forward to reading and writing content that gives us all a brief respite from the things we’d rather ignore for the moment.

I spent the time reading and writing, and a bit of Netflix binging. So all the normal “writer” stuff. I happily surpassed my Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2017…and am off to a good start for the 2018 challenge. Two books down out of 30. I just finished reading The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri, and all I can say is THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE. I loved the omniscient narrator — one I don’t normally encounter. I enjoyed knowing the inner thoughts of every character. The story reminds you that wishes of the young can turn to regret in later years, and that the parents we think exist only to serve us had lives before us; disappointments and successes, dreams and experiences we never really learn the full extent of. It tells us to listen. Get real with what’s important and recognize that each person is so much more than just their relation to you.

I had a short story published recently over at The Ekphrastic Review, which is a great little digital magazine. The goal of putting words to art is such a fantastic endeavor, I’m sure I’ll submit again. Take a look and enjoy the works published there.

Link to photo & story

The short story has got its grip on me these days…an escape from the novel in progress.

In other writer/reader nerd news…at least the ways I find to procrastinate from actual writing is within the realm. One day I spent hours creating page after page of noted women writers – a large photo with a quote attributed to them at the top of their page. I put them all in clear plastic sleeves and added to my writing binder. It represents well over 100 years of women – their style, their thoughts. Wisdom. It makes me smile. Whether it’s Zora Neale Hurston’s “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” or this truism by Erica Jong, “Writing about sex turns out to be just writing about life.”


Another day, I made a list of all the Pulitzer and Booker winners by year – a hard copy for my writing binder and leaving one in my Dropbox that I can update as long as I last on this great earth.

I haven’t lived my life with a long list of goals. Just a few, which amazingly enough I’ve accomplished: I had my beautiful daughter. I wrote and published at least one novel. Short stories were published. Now, I would love to read all the books on this list.

welcome to 2018.

write on.


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