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When life interrupts…

I’ve been on the road from Florida to Georgia during Hurricane Irma; working 12-hour shifts at another location for my company as part of the disaster recovery team. Pros and cons like anything else in life. Staying at a great hotel and working in a fabulous office instead of being without power in my Florida apartment an obvious pro. Being able to take my pets, daughter & her boyfriend, and having more than enough money provided to me on a company card another pro.

The cons included the 11-hour drive from Melbourne to Atlanta (although most of my co-workers took Interstate 75 and it took them close to 15 hours, so I guess my trip could have been worse) and just being too stressed in general to think about writing much. The only attempt I completed was this quick poem on 9/11 that I posted already on Instagram & Facebook:


The street is no longer thirsty

Fans and feathers bow their heads to the gusts that threaten to topple the entire palm

A plastic house breaks and finds new destinations for its rooms

A three-legged dog wanders the street with its owner who says he knows what to expect

 On the other side of town, a teenager breaks into an evacuated home and is shot by police

On the other side of the country, a man – not of the people – uses the anniversary of another tragedy to build his walls and protect his wealth under guise of protecting others

You can’t get the best of people even when it really matters

The tempest is disappointed that it served no purpose


I work tonight until 9pm and then going to leave for home tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep. Right now, my neighbor says the power is still out, but was just turned on for the assisted living facility next door. I’m hoping by the time we get home, ours has been turned back on. We took moments to remember 9/11 the other day, and think about those who still grieve lost loved ones.

I’m ready to go home and make sure everything at home is good, get back to my writing projects. If I’m being completely honest, I am also ready to catch up on my fav shows as well, including American Horror, Project Runway and a few others. I appreciate my followers on this site, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Life is short, and it’s important to remember to use every moment doing something you love, no matter how trivial it may seem to others. Motto for the rest of my life…


Write on…


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