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What’s that rash? Oh, you’re writing a synopsis…


It’s been a while…In my writing world, I’m currently consumed with writing a one-page synopsis for The Year of Gwendolyn Presley Flowers. I have a May 1st deadline to submit a one-page synopsis, along with the first 7,500 words for the William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition. I love that they have a novel-in-progress category; you don’t see that too often, but that means that the synopsis is a huge part of the judging process.
It’s no wonder there are so many resources and advice out there for writing a good synopsis – IT’S TOUGH! While some agents may ask for a two-three page synopsis, for me, it’s the dreaded one-pager that has keeps me up at night!
Luckily, my book is already outlined for three acts, and it incorporates a road trip to three locations so it’s not the structure of the synopsis that bothers me. I know the six paragraphs I want, but am just pouring over every word and sentence to capture what I need and still fit within one page. Here’s how it should go:

1. Logline
2. Main character introduction
3. Main character meets co-main character/her introduction
4. Their first stop on the road
5. Their second stop on the road
6. Their final stop, climax, ending

I’m on the first draft and up to the fifth paragraph, but I have seriously been working this for weeks, off and on. The subject matter of racism and violence shadows the journey of these two millennials trying to find themselves, so I’ve got to make sure every word deserves a place in this tight landscape.
I’m to the point where I’m just going to write it all and then start trimming…I had the same problem with my first novel – it is truly an art to take a manuscript and get the entire meaning across in one page.
It’ll happen, it always does…I would just like to get it done, so I can get to the next episode of Black Mirror!!

Write on…



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