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Confessions of a Facebook Snob


If you’re a writer, hopefully you’re someone who feels comfortable being on your own much of the time. No matter what relationships or other tasks you may be engaged in, so much time is spent in your own head, plotting and outlining, there’s really no way to be fully present in day-to-day activities. It comes as no surprise to me to know that many of the classic writers I study found it hard to leave their homes for weeks or months at a time. The luckiest of them had property which they could roam, but most confined themselves to tiny spaces physically, and even smaller internally. I wonder what they would have made of our social media outlets, and how active, if at all, would they have subscribed to.

For years, I’ve confined myself to just a few social media outlets. My own website of course, and a personal Tumblr, along with a Tumblr site for my photography. In the last year or so, I’ve added Twitter and I have a Snapchat and Instagram just to stay in contact with my daughter. Hell, I’m not even sure of my logon credentials for Instagram!

For the duration, however, I’ve always snubbed Facebook. I have to admit, I’ve created pages a few times when my daughter was younger to keep tabs on her, or in the throes of wanting to sneak a peek at old high school friends…but in the long run, I always closed them down…I’m not one to look back, and the interface has always just annoyed me.

It wasn’t until recently, a writer friend of mine got me back on – for purely political reasons, which quickly became another nightmare. I enjoy the people I hooked up with, but the current political landscape just stresses me out, stifling any creativity I may scrounge up. BUT…I broke down and did a search for writer’s groups and LO & BEHOLD…I found a tribe!

I quickly found three groups that looked intriguing and joined. I honestly wasn’t expecting much, and I’m here to admit I was totally wrong. I have found a support system that can’t be found in my offline life – the number of people I’ve connected with, and the quality of discussions make me sorry I didn’t jump on a lot earlier.

While I use Twitter most often, keeping up with literary journals and other writers I’m interested in, the people in my FB writing groups are quickly becoming an important piece of my writing life.

So…just wanted to throw a quick thank you out there and let others who felt like me know there is more to the platform than playing FarmVille!



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