A Note for Posterity


Just a quick note to try to capture for posterity how I’m feeling about publishing my first novel – wait what?  YES, Oldsters is finally available in paperback and for the Kindle – CHECK IT OUT HERE! And for those of you following me on Twitter at @iamvickiroberts, I apologize for the duplicate self-promotion :).

Okay, marketing out of the way and back to writing.

When I got my first proof in the mail, it was surreal. Then I started poking around the book and of course noticed things I wanted to change. The text on the back cover wasn’t legible enough.  I had thought I would like new chapters starting wherever they may fall, but I didn’t. I had forgotten to change my scene break hashtags into something more attractive.

So I changed the font on the back cover, set new chapters to new pages and  went thru the manuscript and changed the scene break icon. Uploaded again to CreateSpace and waited. When it was approved, I ordered another proof (thank you for the inexpensive cost of these!). A few days later, I rip open the package. The back cover font is still not what I’m looking for. The scene break design is good, but now I realize I didn’t move my chapters down lower in the page. They started at the very top – hated it!

Back to the drawing board. I finally do some more Photoshop magic for the back cover and go through the pages with a fine tooth comb. I am determined to make the third time a charm.

It’s at this point, I realize that while I did the initial online preview for errors, I did not use the true previewer that would have shown me all these things the first time. I decide not to beat myself up over it, because having those proofs in hand was really a better experience, and now I have a proof for each stage that I can laugh at when I’m old(er).

I ordered one final proof and that was the day I just walked around my apartment not knowing how to act. I held the book. I put it down and I picked it back up. I put it down, went to the couch and turned the TV on. Stared at it over on the dining table. Went over and held it again. I mean, I’m pretty sure everyone did the same thing, right? It’s a special moment – other than being a mom, this truly is my greatest accomplishment.

I just saw a tweet from an artist I follow – Alexander Paul – and he was announcing that six of his paintings will be on show soon in London…I felt like a kindred spirit, congratulating him. How exciting to have you artwork on display. I love art so much, shows and museums alike, and I can only imaging how amazing it is for people to be walking around looking at your creations. I only wish I could escape the political disintegration of my country and travel abroad to see his work!

How did you feel when your creation, whatever it may be, went out to the masses?

write on…

2 thoughts on “A Note for Posterity”

  1. I was thrilled when my first book was published, like you, with some of the same regrets in the finished product. Although its been a year since it was published and I have learned a lot about writing since then, I am compelled to revisit my initial offspring and include all the enhancements I have learned since publication. At the same time I will fix the mechanical problems. I just want it to be the BEST I can do. Perfectionism? perhaps. I just want to know I did the I could at the time. Anything less is unacceptable. Even though my current editor and I don’t necessarily agree on everything, she is focused and helpful in the areas where I need help. That is how I know I will get better as a writer.


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