The Writing Life

…a literary journey

thenakedtruthWe keep so many secrets, so many things we cast deep down inside of us – all to make it through the hours of the days of the weeks of the years we exist.

It’s interesting to me when a writer is thought to be a particular character (usually the protagonist) of their story, either via admission of the author or assumption of the reader. I find that I break myself into pieces –  whether it’s in a short story or novel, I am but a fragment of most of the characters – never putting myself wholly into just one of them.

Sneaking little parts of myself and my history into characters lets me purge things that otherwise sit like stones weighing down my heart.

It’s brave of those who can just write it all down and say, “This is me.” Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, whether or not their readers figure it out – it’s rather amazing.



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