Shout out to the Scribblers!


I have to give a shout out to my new writing group, Scribblers of Brevard, for their kind welcome. I officially joined this group recently after visiting just a couple of times, and today I participated in my first reading.

They listened as I read my synopsis for Oldsters that I’ve been sending out – I let them know ahead of time I wanted them to be brutal and hit me with any gaps, or advise on shortening it down to one page for a particular agent I’m shopping. I was so nervous to be reading to people I didn’t know, because I’ve visited some other groups that weren’t very good at welcoming new members (you know, they say they want new members, but if you actually give input they look at you as if  you need to find another table in the cafeteria!)

Today left me breathless. Not only have they been so welcoming, I had several people offer feedback and then after the meeting, several more come up to me saying they thought the story sounded promising and how they could relate to it. One member even asked if he could contact me for help on his own story.

Afterwards, some members meet up for a quick bite, so I pushed myself to join them. I’m so glad I did. Great conversation with some really nice people. I feel like I made some new friends today. This group has a long history, thirty-five years and still going strong. I’m so proud to call myself a member, and I hope for a very long connection.

I’m sitting down now to kill some darlings in my synopsis, but I just had to take a moment and give these folks props for being kind to a new person – and let them know it’s appreciated!

write on…


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