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The Right Side of Things

Just an update on all things in my world of words…

What I’m reading: I continue to alternate going down the list of Pulitzer Prize winners and something from my Goodreads list. I just finished The Keepers of the House, which won in 1965. Currently I’m reading Someone, by Alice McDermott.

What I’m Writing: In regards to my completed novel, Oldsters, I just received my first rejection letter that’s sure to always hold a special place of honor for me! I’ve only sent out five queries to agents because I wanted to see how my query letter was received. I think I may have overwritten it a bit, so will be looking to tweak it before sending out to the next batch of agents. I do keep an Excel workbook that tracks who I send to, who they represent that interests me, and what their response time is. I like this because it keeps me organized and also reminds me there’s so many agents out there to seek representation with.

I’ve been writing like crazy – a lot of story beginnings, trying to see what I would be most passionate about. Honestly, in the space of two weeks, I started four different stories just to see how it felt to start something new.

Sadly, I found myself most inspired by real life news, and I feel a tug to move forward with a novel I’m calling, The Right Side of Things. Loosely based one of the recent (and far too many) cases of sexual assault on college campuses, the story will bring us into the lives of how three very different women experience the aftermath of one such case. It begins at the convicted man’s sentence hearing, and is told through the eyes of three women. I’m exploring POV here – writing the judge’s adult daughter and the elderly court reporter in third person, while writing the girl who was assaulted in first person. The time in the courtroom is limited to just the sentencing day – the rest of the book will take us into the lives of these women, and how the fallout from both the assault itself, as well as the lenient sentencing affects them. As I wrote a few sentences of the guilty boy’s brother speaking on his behalf, I thought it may be interesting to explore that side of it too – but just as a peripheral character…

Lastly, toying lately with the idea of putting together a group of my photo prompts I’ve written into a small book. I love taking photos and then working them into a writing prompt and thought it may be something I’d love to have for myself down the line to look back on.

For today, however I must stop – I’ve found a couple of new writer’s groups in the area and about to get ready to attend one this afternoon. Looking forward to that as I start a new story. The feedback I got from my own small writer’s group last year as I finished up Oldsters was so valuable – I encourage everyone to find other writers who you can give spend time with. It may take a few tries to find the right mix of people, but when you do it’s time well spent.

write on…



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