Call Me An Author!



I did it…I just finished my first novel, Oldsters. First draft came in at just under 122k, and I can’t think of a better way to have celebrated Independence Day!

THIS IS HOW IT FEELS! I cannot even think about constructing a worthy post right now – I just had to get this out there to the universe. I am thankful, proud and happy.

I no longer sit on the sidelines, wondering what it feels like to finish a book. The other stories I gave up on at 30k, 45k – they are no longer failures to me, just possibilities again. I have succeeded at bringing my characters to life… thank goodness, because their story is what taught me that second chances are possible and that growing older is no different from growing up – things don’t change that much between 18 and 80, and happiness is always out there if you’re willing to be honest about who you are and what you want.

Next up? Editing and creating a stellar book trailer. Loving life right now! Happy 4th of July!

4 thoughts on “Call Me An Author!”

  1. Proud? I couldn’t be prouder because this novelist is my sister. Congrats Kiddo! I knew you could do it. We are so proud of you All our love is being sent your way.



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