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My Journey with Steinbeck Continues…

I’ve taken a summer lover!

After reading East of Eden and the journal he kept while writing Eden, it appears I’m embarking on a summer affair with John Steinbeck.

Next up is The Winter of Our Discontent, which is the last novel Steinbeck wrote. Published in 1961, he received the 1962 Nobel Prize in Literature for this work. Also of note is that it was the first time Steinbeck strayed to the East Coast for his setting – important because setting is itself, always a main character in the author’s works. In Eden, I got to know the Salinas Valley (where Steinbeck was born) just as well as any of the Trask or Hamilton clan. So I’ll be watching to see how he breathes the same life into the Long Island terrain.

As I head toward completing the first draft of Oldsters, I am counting on Steinbeck to set the bar for me…and I’m going to share those sentences and passages of his that make me strive to be the very best writer I can be.

Only on page three, this sentence has already made me stop reading in order to start this particular blog today:

Only one person in early Elm Street, Mr. Baker’s red setter, the banker’s dog, Red Baker, who moved with slow dignity, pausing occasionally to sniff the passenger list on the elm trunks.




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