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Writing through the holiday season

I’m sure for many writers, the holidays provide the perfect excuse for procrastinating – but I’m here to persuade you to fight that urge!

Being at a new job with no seniority and not much vacation time accrued, I don’t have that worry this year – so I’m urging all the writers I know to make a concentrated effort to stay engaged with your current project.

At a time when many writing groups put meetings on hold until after the first of the year, I am making sure to schedule not just bi-weekly critique meetings, but also last-minute meet-ups to help not only myself, but those in my group to stay on track. It’s a lot cheaper than shopping!

And it’s a great time of year to write. Nature is a great inspiration whether you live where the snow is falling, and you stay inside with a warm drink; or if you’re like me, here in Florida, where every year we’re surprised when it hits 60°, but then we remember we can open our windows and enjoy that fresh cool air.

If you need a break from your current project, try working on a personal essay instead, and use this time of year as your starting point. Everyone has a poignant memory of this season. A personal essay is a great way to end the year too – a way to relive a great remembrance or a way to purge something once and for all. It can be whatever you need it to be.

So between shopping and cooking; visits with family and friends – don’t forget to indulge in what makes you the great, unique person you are –


2 comments on “Writing through the holiday season

  1. iamvickiroberts
    November 29, 2014

    Hi Olivia, I’m so glad it helped!

  2. Olivia Berrier
    November 29, 2014

    Thanks 🙂 I really needed that. And even though winter is definitely not my thing, I have to admit it’s pretty when viewed from the warm side of a window.


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