Oldsters, The Writing Life

Killing the not so darlings…

Whether the phrase was originally “kill your darlings” or “murder your darlings”; whether it’s attributed to Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch or any other number of folks, I am happy to say I’ve finally embraced this important task of any writer.

Editing the first half of my manuscript for Oldsters has not been the chore I envisioned. I come across words, sentences, entire paragraphs that with a fresh eye, I look at and realize it either doesn’t fit or isn’t well-written. I think I’ve finally learned to turn the editor’s eye I’ve used for other people’s work to my own – and I have to admit – it’s liberating!

With only 20 pages about left to edit, I’ll soon be turning back to writing the last part of the book. Although it’s not usually looked upon as a good thing to edit as you go, it works for me – and the time away has got me excited about getting back to continuing the story. I might not feel that great if I didn’t have an outline for the rest of it, but with that structure to support me, I’m confident that I’ll be done writing and editing a complete first draft by sometime in the spring.

Oh happy day!

write on…


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