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Finally settling into life here on the East Coast of Florida…found a daytime job that lets me concentrate on writing at night and weekends. The only thing missing was people! I’m not someone who needs tons of friends, but I do miss the few people I was close to in St. Pete.

In an effort to start working on that, I’ve just started a new Meetup Group – Island Writers of Indialantic. Our first meeting is tomorrow, so I’m very excited to meet some other creative souls to work with. I went back and forth whether to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), but since I’ve just finished editing the first half of Oldsters, I decided against starting something new right now.

I really got stuck awhile back in my writing for a while, as you can tell from my post dates here on my blog (when I’m having a block with my novel, I tend to not write here either). I had the perfect opportunity to spend months on it full-time when I got laid off, and I did for a while – but I got the gang in Oldsters off the road and to their destination for the second act, and just couldn’t get anything down that I really liked. So I’ve spent the last month or so outlining the second and third acts, as well as editing by hand the first act. Now I’m in the middle of entering those long-hand edits into the system – and am ready to move on. I know, I know – don’t edit as you go…but if you’ve been here before, you know I believe in doing what’s right for you – and only you!

I’m excited to meet the writers at tomorrow’s group, and hope we can inspire each other to continue on our projects. I looked at my writing software and see that I started getting the story down two years ago…I can either look at that as depressing because I’m not done yet, or exhilarating, because I haven’t given up…guess which one I choose?

write on…


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