Writing Prompts

Settled in…flash fiction prompt


I have finally moved and gotten settled in to my new location on Florida’s beautiful east coast. Although I haven’t had time to venture out too much, the main difference I’ve found between here and my west coast home of St. Petersburg is the small-town pace that I find a beautiful turn of events!

My daughter even noticed – as we were driving from our apartment on the beach, over the bridge to the mainland – she made the comment that most of the stores here were smaller, individually owned instead of the big box names. Even better, the big box stores that are here, like Walmart (which I would never go to in St. Pete because of the sheer size of the parking lot and number of people shopping there), is more similar to the small-town Walmart’s I’ve seen in smaller towns across the country. The associates are friendly and everyone just seems to be happy…probably helps that the beach is across the street!

In any event, it’s time to get back down to the business at hand – which is to bring Oldsters to its conclusion, find a local writing group and try to eek out some local stories and shop those around.

In the meantime, here’s a photo prompt from my own photography work:

Let’s do a flash fiction, 500 words or less. I’ll post mine by Sunday afternoon.


for now….write on


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