The Writing Life

The Salt Life

In the process of moving from one coast of Florida to the other, as well as traveling to visit my mother who has just moved into an assisted living facility, I have neglected my blog…so I’m here today to make that right.

Hopefully I’ll be settled in 100% over on the Atlantic coast within a couple of more weeks and can settle back into my writing world. I’m really looking forward to my life’s “re-do” – getting laid off from my job and deciding to move has been a tough decision, but one I instinctively know is right. There was always a nagging hope that I could move back to where I lived as a small child when my dad worked at the Kennedy Space Center, and now I’m accomplishing that! Giving up my house and renting an apartment is freeing, and the fact that I will now be only a 4 or 5 minute walk from the surf and sun calms me. A slower paced environment is what I’ve been searching for, and I am counting the hours until the move is complete!

Melbourne Beach

I’ve been struggling to write for the past several weeks. I haven’t even read my last Writer’s Digest magazine yet, and now the newest one has arrived. While this lack of attention would have previously made me panic, I’ve come to understand that there are times when I don’t want to write, or read about writing, or write about writing – and that’s okay. No one’s going to knock at the door and ask for my resignation as a writer, or ask for my business card back!

Stress is a motivation killer, do you agree? Preparing for a move and a couple of heavy-duty family issues has sapped any creative flow I had. My body and mind retaliated by encouraging me to spend a ridiculous amount of hours playing games on my phone or watching TV instead of writing. I’ve been trying to fight back by reading some Eckhart Tolle, and trying to concentrate on living only in the present – not the past and certainly not the future. I like Tolle’s idea of  using  the mind as only a tool to be brought out when you need to recall or assimilate information, and not to let it control us with its propensity to replay negative memories or give us a distorted view of the future based on the past. And finally, for fun, I started reading a couple of Feng Shui books, something I always thought interesting, but never really had studied.

As excited as I am by the move, I feel overwhelmed by a few things and so I’ve drifted…luckily I’m the captain of my own ship, so I’m sure I’ll find my course again soon!



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