The Writing Life

Forms & Fog

Yesterday was the first time I filled out any type of form or application and wrote ‘writer’ in the space marked occupation.

Having been laid off a couple of weeks ago, and actually finishing my last day this past Friday, I am released from calling myself a manager, a supervisor or any other term that always seemed false. While there are still fears surrounding money and providing for my  daughter, there is more of a sense of freedom, and excitement. So while I realize I will have to do something for income at some point in the near future, it will never again be a step in my career – because my profession in that world is over. I start anew and join the ranks of those dedicated to creating. I finally get to surround myself and live in the world of words and art.

2.2.14 thoughts
…walking my normal path early this morning, a thin veil of fog covers the neighborhood around me. It starts at the top of the sky and reaches down to the pavement. There is not one shift of breeze, and the trees seem to be held down by invisible hands so as not to let them sway one way or the other. Although I hear the birds resting and calling, hidden from within the branches, their weight does not bend the bows at all. Cars roll along the road, muted in color, passing along within a ghost of a day. Everything is hidden in this early morning, and when I look up I can imagine my world being just a fantasy globe, purchased and given as a gift to a child in another realm who will soon shake the fog away, freeing the trees from their unnatural rigidity, and letting us return to the clear blue skies.

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