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Letter to Juliet

Okay, so interrupted by an argument between my new dog and the cat who has ruled the house for years – so i lost track of time. But anyway, here’s my quick response from yesterday’s photo writing prompt…where’s yours??


Old man with bicycleThe man parked his bike at the foot of the building and reached in the basket for the letter. He had no doubt that fifty years would make it a difficult endeavor, but he had woken up this morning determined to take the leap of faith.

He looked at the building and sighed. Antiquity was everywhere – and he had joined the ranks. But while the structure in front of him enjoyed notoriety for being aged, Ignatius just felt tired. He had biked past here daily for years and had only stopped to read the dedication plaque a few days ago. The building was the first open-air post office ever built in the United States, and it was a favorite of local photographers in the St. Petersburg area. Ignatius wondered if mailing the letter from this historic location would propel his intentions. A sudden rush of adrenaline pushed his tiredness away for a moment.

Over fifty years had passed since there had been any communication between them. And in those years, a lifetime of births, deaths, weddings, divorces, graduations and more had played out in his life – and in Juliet’s as well, he was sure. When his beloved Maria passed last year, his children had encouraged him to visit his childhood home of Termini, Italy. At first, he thought it preposterous – a man his age making that journey. But a chance meeting with another relative who had just returned from there made him change his mind.

His cousin Augustus had told him that Juliet was still in Termini, and had asked about him. Her husband had died almost ten years ago and her children were now married with children of their own. She told Augustus she had often thought of coming to the States, but always thought better of it; thought it better to keep what she and Ignatius had shared so long ago locked away in only her memories.


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