Character Development, Writing Prompts

15 minutes to spare?

Yes – I’ve been MIA, but all for a good cause and I come bearing gifts!

Remember how I wrote earlier about losing focus on my novel because I was trying to build a writer’s platform at the same time? Well, I decided I could do with a couple of month’s break from posting here and other sites in order to get the first draft completed. The good news is not only have I almost completed that, but I’ve also done a good second edit on the first half of the book. So to celebrate, I’m back with another photo writing prompt. I took this photo downtown St. Petersburg, but I’m not going to give the location away because it plays a part in my own prompt I’ll post here by next Saturday.

For you all, it’s open to your vivid imaginations as usual – so I look forward to seeing where you take us from this snapshot of life in your own 15-minute writing practice!

Old man with bicycle

write on…


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