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Short & Sweet…

This week I’m really looking for feedback to a question I’m hoping some of you fiction writers may have asked, and now are willing to pass that wisdom down.

Van Gogh - A Novel Reader

Beta Readers

  1. Do you use?
  2. How do you choose?
  3. Exactly what kind of feedback do you expect?

My initial thoughts are these:

  • I want people who really enjoy reading – all types of books, because my book is more along general / literary fiction
  • The feedback I’m looking for would be in regards to areas in the book that may take the reader away from the story, or gaps in continuity

So what else should I consider here?

C’mon guys – counting on you here! And thanks in advance.

write on…

1 thought on “Short & Sweet…”

  1. I think you’re at a good place with your initial thoughts. Personally, I think the ideal mix would include, just as you said, both readers and writers, but you’ll want to include readers and writers of mainstream fiction as well as genre fiction. Then, you’ll want to be certain which group each of your betas belongs to so you can give their feedback proper weight. You’ll rely most heavily on both the readers and writers of mainstream fiction for Oldsters, obviously, but you’ll still want to know how the work lands on fans of genre fiction. Additionally, out-of-genre feedback can potentially reveal things in-genre betas might miss. It might not be often, and may or may not be edit-worthy, but when that does happen, it could be the difference between a mainstream success and a cross-genre blockbuster.


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