Hiatus from Hell

My self-imposed exile is over and I can’t tell you how glad I am to be back.

Back in February, I became overwhelmed with the amount of pressure I was putting on myself to write the novel, complete some freelance gigs, build my new website and keep up with my existing social media platform. Now mind you, that’s between working 50 hours a week and being a fulltime single mom!

I broke.

The worst part was the realization that most of these things were just an excuse not to work each day on my novel. If I had a website to build, Twitter or Facebook updates to make or other writing gigs to care for, then I didn’t need to push through to what would happen next in my novel. Basically I was stuck for a while, and instead of relaxing and letting the muse come, I made it impossible for her to find me.

So…I closed my Facebook and Twitter. Gave up the freelance gigs and stopped blogging for two months. Forgot about building my website for now. Quit the writing group that I wasn’t happy with anymore.

I read like crazy, and I wrote the novel. Don’t get excited, I didn’t finish the novel – but I’m a hell of  a lot closer than I was before. I’m a third of the way through and part one has been edited with a pretty sharp red pen! Even better, I have a few scenes written for part 3. So my focus now is the middle – and this is where a lot of books fall apart, so it’s crucial for me to do a good job here.

But I missed my blog. I realize I probably lost a lot of my followers – not that I had a crowd, but I did enjoy getting feedback and finding other bloggers to follow. So I’m allowing myself to keep this one precious treat, and I hope you’ll find your way back too.

Write on ~ v.


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