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“Oldsters”: An Update

Still working on the first draft of my novel, Oldsters. I’m at chapter eight, and while I’m not pleased with the speed of my progress, I am pleased at the way the story is going. (If you’re interested, click the Oldsters link at the top to read a summary).

My approach has been to create it almost like I’m writing a play. I’m writing scene by scene, and that is working well for me. While it may be slower, I am able to build the story and characters in a way I’m happy with. I’m impressed with the software I am using, yWriter 5 – it lets you create everything you need; chapters, scenes, scene location, character lists, adding photos for all of these as well.

Having outlined the plot’s beginning and initial idea of an ending, I’m leaving the middle up to the characters – their journey will be my journey. Having an outline and characters sketched out helped me during this early part, but I’m almost to the point where that outline drops off and I’m excited to see where it goes. We’ll see if we end up where I thought we would!

Of course, work and home cuts into my writing time, so I need to put the pedal to the medal here. In fact, I should be writing right now, so see ya

write on…


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