…sum it up

“What’s your book about?”

“What inspired you to write about (insert topic)?”

Those are the common questions anyone who is writing a book gets. I’ll take the second one first.

I’ve always been fascinated with the elderly. Just looking at my own parents, I would think about the stories they must have. You can go through your whole life and only see your parents as only that – parents. But what about the lives they led? The dreams they had? My parents never shared a lot of personal past history with me, which is really what set my interest off.

When my dad passed a way two years ago, he was confined at the very end to a care facility. As horrible as that personal experience was, it was just another opportunity I had to look around at all those people and wonder who they were. My dad was over 90 when he died. He saw every decade since the 20’s. How amazing! I really wanted to write a story about a group of people who still knew they had life to live, love and adventure still within them – even when others were trying to quiet them down.

So that’s what inspired me…so now for the synopsis.

One tip I got from my recent writing workshop was that you need to be able to tell someone in about 45 seconds what your book is about. So here goes…let me know what you think:

Oldsters tells the story of Eddie, Nick, Ray and Bette – four friends struggling to remain relevant in a time of their lives where it seems their children and most of society would rather they just take strolls, watch daytime television and play cards at Avalon Village, an upscale retirement center. Ray confides to his friends that his illness is in its final stages, and enlists them to help him figure out a way to mend the broken relationship between him and his grandson, who he hasn’t seen in years. When new resident Lila moves into Avalon, Eddie and the others realize she literally holds the key to their plan, and they persuade her into joining them on their quest to fulfill Ray’s last wish.

The group embarks on an unforgettable adventure down historic Route 66 – where friendships are tested, secrets revealed, and dreams are both realized and lost forever. Oldsters reminds us that it isn’t until you’re deprived of freedom that you have an inkling of what it means.


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