Character Development

…what’s in a name?

For days I’ve started and stopped a post about my current read, The Casual Vacancy…J.K. Rowling’s new novel. I bought the book on my Kindle last week and like this post, have started and stopped reading it several times.

I’ve read all the articles about the people who are surprised the book isn’t like Harry Potter (did someone really have to tell them that?); I’ve seen the stories about the bookstore owners who are upset that all their copies aren’t flying off the shelves.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I find both of those situations silly – my expectations weren’t like those others. Of course I loved the Potter series, and I was in awe of Rowling’s personal story, and her imagination! But I understood that this was a new avenue for her and I never bought into the premise that Potter fans who started reading the series are now in their mid to late 20’s and would be a captive audience…

My quandary is this – I wanted to like the book, and maybe I still will…but honestly, I’ve tried three times to start it, and cannot get past 20 pages or so. There’s a myriad of characters, none of which are given more than a few paragraphs, and which are introduced so quickly that I found myself having to go back and try to remember who is who. This is not something I usually have a problem with, so I’m disheartened to say the least.

I’ve heard the ending is good…but I’m not going to force myself to get there because of who the author is. I mean, some books just don’t grab me – no matter who wrote them. There are books by Updike and Fitzgerald that I’ve passed on too.

Is there anyone out there who has read the book, or is reading it now? I’d love to hear from you and hoping I can find some inspiration to pick it up again – but for now, I’m moving on to something else on my list!

2 thoughts on “…what’s in a name?”

  1. I’ve read quite a number of reviews, both good and bad. Some have mentioned about not being able to read more than a few pages but they said they pushed through and kinda enjoyed the book.


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