…knock on wood

You know how every once in a great while…after weeks or months of  L I F E just getting in the way, you look around and realize that right now, in this particular moment – things are good? Don’t worry, I’m knocking on a teak wood table as I write that (I am not superstitious, but I’m not stupid either)

After some soul-searching, I found the courage to put down the book I was writing . With over 30k words, that was a tough decision, but my heart just wasn’t in it. And as soon as I decided which story I was going to write, I knew I made the right decision – I am writing non-stop and like a reader, can’t wait to see what happens next. That’s what it’s supposed to feel like.

Being a former journalist, it was easy for me to crank out articles. Create a good lead, follow through with supporting statements, find the human interest slant and you were good to go. I had several years of interviewing prominent politicians, interesting business owners and just some great people across the board.

Deciding to write a novel is an entirely different hat, and I’m still trying it on to see how it fits…and just like a hat, the only way to make it fit better is to wear it as often as possible to help break it in and conform to the shape of your head – translation – write, then write some more, and soon the pen will conform to your hand (or the keyboard to your fingers) and you’ll get the voices out of your head and onto paper.

Oldsters tells the story of Eddy, Lila, Nick, Ray and Bette – five residents of an independent living facility who are each intent on writing the ending of their own stories, and not to have their children or society tell them that their time of being relevant is over. When the new resident, Lila, moves in to the Avalon Community, Eddie realizes she may hold the key to their future. Stories from the past intertwine with a wild ride across Route 66 – those of a free-spirit artist, a former journalism professor trying to get past his writer’s block and  finish his first novel, an ex bookie trying to find something redeeming in himself, a dying man desperate to repair a broken relationship and the mysterious woman who’s determined to see him succeed.

2 thoughts on “…knock on wood”

  1. Hey you! Thanks for reading…well, didn’t see The Bucket List but know the concept – so you could say there’s elements of both in there. I definitely want to envoke some humor, and I think Nick and Eddie’s relationship is going to do a lot of that for me.

    The underlying idea though, and hopefully it’s somewhat subtle is that ‘oldsters’ have lived these amazing lives, and then you get to an age where people just want to disregard you, and these people aren’t going to let that happen to them.

    I started thinking about this two years ago…my dad was 91 when he passed away in 2010, and he did spend his final months in a nursing home because of health reasons. I traveled to visit him and he was this shell of what he used to be.

    This man who was raised during the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma, who went into the service, ended up working his whole life at NASA as a technical engineer…so involved in stocks, such a bright man – and then to end up there in that place. And looking around, i knew there were others in there who probably had led similar lives with amazing stories to tell…so that’s where I got my idea.


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