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…success, failure & moving on

As promised, wanted to check in and blog about my writer’s group meeting held today. SUCCESS! No, everyone who RSVP’d ‘yes’ did not show up, but the few people who did were great…a nice cross-section of people at different writing stages and interesting backgrounds. It was great to get out and meet new people – I’m not a huge friend collector, so I felt honored to meet these four people! Hoping we stick with it and are able to form a support system for each other.

Okay – so after listening to my new friends talk about their writing projects this morning, I am more inclined than ever to put aside the novel I’ve been concentrating on and move on to one of the other story ideas. Knowing I can easily finish this book, as it is outlined completely, just isn’t the same as having a passion for the story I’m telling. I don’t know why I’ve put other ideas aside that I’m more passionate about and spent so much time on a book where I don’t really care about what happens to my protagonist. The sub-plots were more interesting to me. So…the goal is to go through the other couple of novels started and find the one that represents the book I’d be proud to publish.

As a former journalist, I have to say – having the discipline to complete a novel is commendable and I hope to soak up some of that from the writing group!

I want to hear from you, as a reader or writer…What story did you start out thinking would be a great read – only to find out that the protagonist was the least interesting character in the book?


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