…a new beginning

Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Vicki Roberts and I’m happy to embark on this new platform. My previous blog was on another site, and while it was an interesting experiment, I decided to change focus – which has led me here.

While many writer’s blogs concentrate on ideas and information that is most interesting to other writers, I really want to connect with readers as well. Why? Because the reason I write is because I have such a passion for reading. I don’t plan on giving advice to other writers, or talk about my process of writing – but I will share what I’m working on and welcome any feedback.

I also want to share thoughts on the books I’ve read and loved and hear the same from you! I also find some of the most interesting commentary and quotes I come across has been spoken by writers, so I’m going to spend some time examining these ideas and hopefully hear your thoughts as well.

Lastly, I love the conjunction of art with the written work, so I’ll be sprinkling in some artwork and photography and adding some literary seasoning.

I know there’s literally a million blogs out there, so if I find that you decide to follow me you should know now how much I appreciate your time and I know there’s connections to make out there that can make a difference in our lives…enjoy!

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